Christmas Holidays Day Camp

11 Dec


The Spartan Pankration Academy will be offering day camp services during the week of Christmas and New Years on the days of the 23,24,26 and 27. Also on the 30, 31, 2 and 3rd of January. The cost is $30 per day or $100 for the four days of each week. There will be many different types of training and activities throughout the day including downtime at lunch for a movie. Kids will learn a variety of different things that are not always addressed during regular class such as defending against multiple attackers, weapons and learning to work outside of the box when surrounded, to name a few. There will also be scenario playing such as what you do when provoked by bullies and peer pressure. Kids must bring their own lunch and the hours are from 8am to 4 PM. This is not your typical training class, it is more about them having fun while learning some interesting and unconventional skills that I guarantee they will retain. It also serves to keep them active during their days off from school during the holidays, while giving the patent time to prepare for the feast to come. For this day camp to take place there must be a minimum of five kids per day. Payments must be given in full to reserve a place for the child before December 19. For any info please contact me at 514-814-5191.


Aris Makris


International hall of fame nomination

3 Sep

It’s always nice to be recognized for all the years of hard work


Back to school

29 Aug

Discipline..Confidence..Self Esteem…Focus..Concentration…Complete Fitness…Life skills..and the ability to protect yourself in any given situation is what Armak-Pankration is about. It’s not about creating competitors..but life champions! Give you kids a back to school tool to prepare them for whatever lies ahead, because we are not there to protect them from any obstacle they may and will face.

With many NEW surprises we’re adding to our curriculum, Don’t forget to put Armak-PANKRATION in your list of back to school supplies!



My Student Christina’s Story

20 Aug

A Little lady I’m most proud of and a short story I would like to share with my FB friends.

Christina Izzo is a student of mine. She came to me as a young child for a couple of yrs and life took her in different directions as it does with all of us. She had been away from the PANKRATION training for a few years….until recently. Christina applied and was accepted to entered the Miss Teen Canada Pageant to represent the province of Quebec. When asked what her Talent part of the show would be, Christina honored us without hesitation and chose to showcase her PANKRATION training. Having been out if training for a few years she came back and told me the news and we went straight to work. She not only made up for the time she had been absent from the school but exceeded every expectation I had of putting together a complex little skit for her to do. She is not only talented but a tenacious young lady who have no regard to any obstacle. She nailed down the routine with great perseverance and skil. I am proud of you Christina as all Quebecers will be as well. I wish you the best of luck as you are off to Toronto tomorrow for the start of the pageant’s preliminary activities. I know you will do us proud!! Here’s a preview of her routine…one her father had to learn as well, being a student of mine also. Good luck sweetie!!

Christina Izzo

New Training Facility

2 Aug

I’m excited and happy to announce , The SPA ( Spartan Pankration Academy) is officially moving to its NEW location!!

This will NOT be your typical MMA center but a True Spartan Training Facility….Unique in its kind!!

This facility, the home of Armak-Pankration, as always, will be a family oriented center that will cater to the amateur as well as the inspiring Pro Fighter…the Spartan Racer and Tough Mudder and pure fitness enthusiast as well as a host of fun filled activities. It will accommodate an array of different activities and training regiments to cater to people of all interests.

From its original and unequalled PANKRATION classes to our infamous SpartanFit Combat Boot Camp to the Stick and Knife, including Traditional Spartan Sword/Spear and Shield


This will be the biggest, most Unique and Unconventional training facility of its kind in the heart of Chomedey Laval, conveniently nestled on Labelle Boulevard.

Stay tuned….



19 Jul

Heroes today are rarely mentioned! We’re plagued with whatever those in charge of the media want us to see and feel and it’s usually all negative..angering and full of gloom. Acts such as these rarely get covered by the media and I’m guessing its because it highlights the better side of humanity…something that defiant really sell in today’s apathetic society.


PANKRATION episode on Museum Secrets

28 May

The Museum Secrets Season 3 episode on PANKRATION that I was in.