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PANKRATION episode on Museum Secrets

28 May

The Museum Secrets Season 3 episode on PANKRATION that I was in.



16 May

Aris Makris
It has never been an easy task having to pave the way in making Real PANKRATION a household name, but one I had gladly taken on given the 35+ years I’ve dedicated to bringing an art as close to the real thing as possible. Like any innovator, It flatters me to see how many are trying to mimic me , even if they’re attempts are far from convincing. I’m glad to have awakened a public of surf riders that will help in pushing the name of PANKRATION even if they can’t get it right..because as we know competition is a good they too have a part to play in that they are at the very least quite important in this cause to distinguish what is real and what is NOT! Those that seek authenticity go to the source while the rest go anywhere else! AM