Christmas Holidays Day Camp

11 Dec


The Spartan Pankration Academy will be offering day camp services during the week of Christmas and New Years on the days of the 23,24,26 and 27. Also on the 30, 31, 2 and 3rd of January. The cost is $30 per day or $100 for the four days of each week. There will be many different types of training and activities throughout the day including downtime at lunch for a movie. Kids will learn a variety of different things that are not always addressed during regular class such as defending against multiple attackers, weapons and learning to work outside of the box when surrounded, to name a few. There will also be scenario playing such as what you do when provoked by bullies and peer pressure. Kids must bring their own lunch and the hours are from 8am to 4 PM. This is not your typical training class, it is more about them having fun while learning some interesting and unconventional skills that I guarantee they will retain. It also serves to keep them active during their days off from school during the holidays, while giving the patent time to prepare for the feast to come. For this day camp to take place there must be a minimum of five kids per day. Payments must be given in full to reserve a place for the child before December 19. For any info please contact me at 514-814-5191.


Aris Makris


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