16 May

Aris Makris
It has never been an easy task having to pave the way in making Real PANKRATION a household name, but one I had gladly taken on given the 35+ years I’ve dedicated to bringing an art as close to the real thing as possible. Like any innovator, It flatters me to see how many are trying to mimic me , even if they’re attempts are far from convincing. I’m glad to have awakened a public of surf riders that will help in pushing the name of PANKRATION even if they can’t get it right..because as we know competition is a good they too have a part to play in that they are at the very least quite important in this cause to distinguish what is real and what is NOT! Those that seek authenticity go to the source while the rest go anywhere else! AM



A preview of the TV series Museum Secrets show I was in

5 Apr

Summer Day Camp

21 Mar

Armak-Pankration Summer Day Camp Registrations have now started and open to the public as well. Inbox or call me for info and to reserve your child’s place as it will quickly fill up due to the addition of the new members from the Socrates elementary school. 514-814-5191….our Camp is second to none, with an accent placed on Spartan Pankration conditioning and skill work ranging from dealing with multiple opponents…weapons..scenario training…to name but just a few, and the traditional sports like soccer, football, etc.. Call or inbox me fortress Info!



16 Mar

museum secrets

27 Feb

A behind the scenes look of the Museum Secrets I was on for Pankration that will air in March.

Recreating An Ancient Pankration Match in Tuscany (Vlog) via @youtube

Looking forward

2 Jan

The New Year has commenced and will wait for no one. Armak-Pankration would like to wish everyone a great start in their personal goals for 2013, full of new leaps and bounds in their health and well being. Lets set the pace for the new year with training as only Spartans from the Spartan Pankration Academy know and live each day to the fullest. I look forward to another year of training with you and training you and your children, and in helping you improve in strength, self confidence and self discovery in knowing you can achieve anything. Lets grab the year by the horns off the get go and feel alive as only Spartans know how! See you all in class…..,.Ladies on Thursday night for the first Spartan Fit class of the year and the rest on Friday!


A New Beginning

1 Jan

Happy New Year and happy First of the month!!…

A new beginning….start by being the author to your new year….make changes to better yourselves…and by example we Infect others to make positive changes as well…Leave your comfort zone and take back yourself from the deadly sedentary life, it isn’t easy, but nothing worth anything ever is…rediscover yourself by getting out and training hard…rediscover the world by reacquainting yourself with nature…rediscover your faith in God through prayer…spend time with your children doing things together as much as possible, because you don’t know what tomorrow brings…put QUALITY back in your life by ridding yourself of ALL things toxic…including people….forgive so you can live free and in turn be forgiven…..Keep the fire kindled with your mate and children because after all you’re responsible for each other….keep healthy practices and question everything that affects your Health.

Have a great 2013!!